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Help your students become superstar readers by showing them how to navigate their way through the world of books.

Literacy health check-up

Renaissance Accelerated Reader gives you the key information you need to identify reading ability in your class. In under twenty minutes you can have a overview of all your students and then provide them the quizzes and guidance to help them improve.

The best part is, Accelerated Reader uses the books you already have in your library, and simply adds adaptive quizzes and useful reporting.

The data to help encourage students

With Accelerated Reader you can see at a glance which students need intervention, who is reading well and who is excelling. Not only that, the results cover all types of text; foundational, literature, informational and language so you can truly identify overall competency.

It is really satisfying to see real improvement as students’ reading age increases over time, and quickly and easily report on class diagnostics.

Motivate, guide and watch them grow

Inbuilt in our program is instant feedback and targets for students which really encourages them to read more and more. Teachers can set individual goals and then monitor progress towards achieving that goal.

We find schools using Accelerated Reader charts in their class to help build a reading culture and reward those students embracing books in their day to day lives.

Download a sample report and see the kind
of information you could have at your fingertips

The excitement on the students faces when seeing their individual results was priceless. These results have clearly motivated them to want to continue to improve.

Robert Dullard, Head of Technology and Learning, Penola Catholic College

Happy readers everyday.

One of the best things about Accelerated Reader is to see how happy students are when they can grasp their improvement. Many of our schools showcase student reading growth right on the classroom wall (as above).

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