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New Year Rollover 2022


Continue to build success in 2022

This page provides step-by-step instructions on how to create your new school year and import student data into Renaissance Place. Most of these steps can be completed in advance of the new school year or can be completed at any time before your students need to begin their assessments in 2022.

Preparing your Renaissance Place Site

Adding the New Year

When logged in as the RP administrator

Homepage > School Years > Add School Year > Input Start and End dates > Add.

How to set Star Reading Screening Dates

When logged in as the RP administrator

Homepage > Star Reading > Screening, Progress Monitoring & Intervention > View Screening Dates (Setup menu on the left) > Enter screening date names and Start & End Dates (we recommend testing over a two-week period, once every term) > Save.

(Note: Please complete this in 2022, if done in 2021 may effect any testing yet to be completed.)

Adding Marking Periods/Term Dates

When logged in as the RP administrator

Homepage > School Years > Add/Edit Marking Periods > Input name of marking period (eg. Term 1) > Input Start and End Dates (leave ‘Type’ as Marking Period) > Add. Repeat the process for each term > Save.

Please note: if you are completing this process before 1st January you will need to select ‘Work in a Different School Year’ and select the 2021 year. This will take you back to your homepage. Please select School Years again, then Add/Edit Marking Periods etc.

How to set AR Date and Time Restrictions

When logged in as the RP administrator

Homepage > Accelerated Reader > Preferences > Date and Time Restrictions > Edit Date and Time Restrictions > Enter before & after dates & times > Save.

(Note: Please complete this in 2022, if done in 2021 it may effect any testing yet to be completed.)

Note: When you change your school year in Renaissance Place the courses are copied over from the previous year. If these courses are deleted you will lose them in all previous years as well. This means you will lose any pupil records from the last school year such as records of quizzes and Star test results.

If you would like to amend courses for your new school year, we recommend you add new courses.

Populating courses and classes

To populate your Courses and Classes you will be required to complete the template below. The step-by-step Renaissance Place Import Guide and the videos below will explain how to successfully populate the template and import the completed file into your Renaissance Place site.

Please follow these instructions to ensure students are not duplicated and data is correctly imported into the new school year.

Template and data overview
The importing process
Reviewing the import and assigning products

Trying to rollover your school and need assistance?

If you need assistance getting your school ready for the 2022 school year, the Renaissance Customer Service Team is on hand to provide support and ensure your success! The best way to contact our Customer Service is by using Live Chat in your RP Site or live chat function on this page Monday to Friday, 8am – 4:30pm AEDT, emailing [email protected] or calling (02) 4225 9698.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions relating to new year rollover.

How do I input the new school year? 

You can do this by going to your Homepage > School Years > Add School Years > Input Start and End Date > Save


Can I complete the rollover in 2021 or do I need to wait until next year?

You can add your new school year, marking period (term dates), and upload your classes to the 2022 year if they are already finalised. Please wait until you return to school in 2022 to set your Screening dates and AR date and time restrictions as they may interfere with the current 2021 settings.


How do I set up marking periods?

You can set marking periods by going to Home > School Years > Add/Edit Marking Periods (If you are completing this step before the new year has begun you will first need to select ‘Work in a Different School Year’ and select the 2022 year)


I’ve copied data over, but the students have not moved up a year.

The student’s year groups will automatically update once the new school year starts.


Why don’t I have the option to edit the new school year?

Only the admin account will allow you to edit the new school year, please contact your RP administrator.

I am trying to import my student file, but I am getting the error message ‘An Error Has Occurred in the Application’

Please ensure your file is saved in CSV format and you have selected the correct headers for each column as they appear in your spreadsheet. If you are still experiencing issues, please forward your completed file to [email protected] to complete the upload for you. (Please Note: this process could take up to 3 days to complete during high volume periods)


My classes are the same as last year. How do I copy over the existing classes to the new school year?

If completing in 2021: You can do this by going to Home > School Years > Work in a Different School Year > Click New School Year > Click Courses and Classes > Click Copy over classes from previous school year (in blue), you will be asked what data you would like to add > Select required data > Copy > Done. Your classes should then appear in the 2022 year.

If completing in 2022: Home > Courses and Classes > Click Copy over classes from previous school year (in blue), you will be asked what data you would like to add > Select required data > Copy > Done. Your classes should then appear in the 2022 year.


I’ve copied my classes across, but they don’t have students in them.

There are two options to import students, you can either:

  1. Manually add the students to each class by going to: Home > Courses and Classes > Select Course > click Add/remove Students next to specific class > Search and Add student > Click Save
  2. You can import your students via a spreadsheet with their correct class details. Please find the CSV template download higher on this page (under “Amending Courses and Classes”).


I am trying to add a new student but am getting the message ‘This user already exists’.

This student will have previously been on the system and then deleted. To recover this account: Home > Users > View Students > School dropdown menu: Students Not Enrolled in a School > Search by student name > Select student > Select the School Enrolment tab and click ‘Enrol’ in school and Save. You will then need to assign the student to a class. Select the ‘Class Enrolment tab’, select Course name, then the class they should be assigned to and Save.

Students are receiving an error message stating ‘You do not have Products assigned. Please see your teacher’.

You can assign products to classes by: Homepage > Courses and Classes > Click Course > Select the ‘Incomplete Classes’ tab > Click Class Name > Tick products you want to assign and Save.


Students are trying to begin a Star test but are receiving a message saying ‘Please enter the authorisation password’.

To confirm what the authorisation password is: Homepage > Star Reading > Preferences > ‘Edit’ Monitor Password > You may update the password in this screen if required > Save changes.


To remove the request for this password: Homepage > Star Reading > Preferences > ‘Edit’ Password Requirement > Untick the boxes for any classes you wish to remove this password from > Save changes.

When students try to take a test or quiz, they get a pop up saying, ‘you have met or exceeded your capacity’.

This message means you have run out of licenses; please contact [email protected] or your Account Executive to request a quote for additional student subscriptions.


If students are not enrolled in a class, do they take licenses?

Students only take a license if they have used the product in the current subscription period or academic year, you can view a list of students who is holding a license by going to Home > Product Administration > View Subscription and Capacity > Click the number of “used” licenses highlighted in blue in the brackets.


Our classes are larger than last year, and we require more student subscriptions.

Please contact [email protected] or your Account Executive to request a quote for additional students.

Why do I need to set AR Date and Time Restrictions?

Setting these restrictions will ensure students cannot complete Accelerated Reader quizzes outside of school hours/days to ensure the data gathered is an accurate reflection of their abilities.


How do I restrict students from taking Star tests at home?

To ensure students can only complete Star tests from school devices during school hours, from your Homepage > Product Administration > Under Access and Security select ‘Set Security Options for Students’ > Enter IP range/addresses into the blank box > Click Done.


Why do I need to set Star Reading Screening Dates?

Your screening dates are your reporting periods. We recommend conducting Star testing once each term, during a two-week period (although this can be extended should students need to sit testing outside of these two weeks). Once testing is completed you can select a specific screening period to report on and determine all student results within that period.

We have Star tested students before the Christmas holidays and now the system will not let me set targets.

The students will need to take a Star test within the new academic year, to enable teachers to set targets.


Student targets have not increased despite them achieving a higher result in their most recent Star test.

Student targets will have to be updated following each Star test. To complete this:  Homepage > Accelerated Reader > Record Books and Targets > Reading Practice Targets > Select Class from the dropdown > Ensure correct marking period is selected > For each student drop down their score in the ‘Suggested ZPD’ column and select the most recent test date > Save


Preparing myON for the new year

If you are currently subscribed to myON,  you should have received an email from the myON Customer Experience Coordinator team with the instructions to complete your rollover for 2022. This email also includes the three required templates (Student, Faculty and Roster) and a secure link through which you can upload the completed files.

If you have not received this email or would like the information to be resent, please email the team at [email protected].

Important note: Uploading your 2022 files will override the current users in the site. Please do not upload the files until all current users are no longer requiring access to the site this year, as it will remove access for any students that will not be continuing the program in 2022.

Looking to get a head start on rolling over your classes for 2022? Download the 3 templates below to get started.

Preparing Freckle for the new year

If you would like students to access Freckle over the holidays, you can wait until the new school year begins to make your updates.

To ensure your rosters are up to date at the beginning of the school year, Freckle will automatically promote your students to the next grade level. You will simply need to update your class rosters for the new year using either of these options:

1. Teachers can transfer a student or roster to another teacher. If you choose this option for existing students, you can then use the following instructions to import new students or add them manually.

2. The Freckle Administrator can update your Freckle Student, Teacher, Class and Enrolment templates and import them into your site. You can list both existing and new students and teachers on the same files.

Please review the following information to ensure your files are completed correctly, and follow the instructions to import the files into your Freckle site.

Don’t forget, the Renaissance Customer Support team is available to chat, Monday to Friday, 8am – 4:30pm AEDT, should you have any questions. To contact us please use the live chat function on this page, email [email protected] or call us on (02) 4225 9698.

You can also visit Freckle Help to learn how to best use Freckle to reach all of your students.

Looking for more assistance with new year rollover?

Contact the Renaissance team on +61 2 4225 9698