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Renaissance Accelerated Reader®

Motivate, monitor, and manage students’ independent reading practice with Accelerated Reader and watch as students develop a true love for reading. Perfect for in-person, remote, and hybrid instruction


Student-driven. Teacher-guided.

Accelerated Reader puts students in the driver’s seat. You guide students, while engaging quizzes and activities help hone students’ reading skills with authentic practice—encouraging growth.


Personalised goals help students stay focused on the factors that matter most for reading growth—and help you monitor their progress and provide feedback to keep learners on track.


Individual reading recommendations use students’ interests and reading levels to suggest “just-right” titles—or students can self-select from over 200,000 choices!


“Just reading” transforms into high-quality reading practice that fuels growth: Reading quizzes monitor comprehension, while literacy skills and vocabulary quizzes extend student learning and build skills mastery.


Detailed reports provide insights into students’ progress. Paired with Renaissance Star Reading®, track students’ mastery of focus skills aligned to state-specific learning standards.


Create a culture of reading

From recognising students’ achievements to students discovering new interests, Accelerated Reader helps create a culture of reading through choice.


Match students with the right reading materials

Personalised dashboards and reports provide insights on your students’ progress, as well as what they’re reading—giving you the ability to differentiate and personalise instruction.


Keep families in the loop

Families can access real-time information on their child’s reading progress and sign up to receive emails about quizzes to make reading a regular conversation outside of school.


How does Accelerated Reader work?



Encourage students to find something to read! Accelerated Reader has quizzes on more than 200,000 books, ensuring students never run out of choices.


This is the best part! Students get to read a book of their choosing. Students can read in class, at home, or out and about in the community.
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Once they finish a book, students take a short quiz on what they’ve read. Each quiz is written to ensure students have read the entire book.


You gain instant insight into students’ quiz results. Use that data to set goals, monitor students’ continued progress, and personalise lesson plans.


Explore what makes Accelerated Reader effective

With one of the largest K-12 databases comprised of student reading information, Accelerated Reader provides key insights on what students respond to and what they don’t, allowing teachers to focus on the activity that accelerates growth.


Create personalised goals around comprehension, engaged reading time, and students’ reading levels to keep them on the path to future success.

Choice and motivation

Motivate students with tailored reading recommendations. Accelerated Reader matches students with books  aligned to their interests and reading levels.

Nonfiction and close-reading

Built-in nonfiction articles keep students engaged. Students can explore articles on a variety of topics to build background knowledge and sharpen their close-reading skills.

Comprehensive practice

In addition to Accelerated Reader comprehension quizzes, a vast number of titles offer Vocabulary Practice and Literacy Skills quizzes as well.

Monitor reading practice

Powerful reports provide quick and efficient insight into each student’s progress, freeing you to spend more time with each student.
“The excitement on the students faces when seeing their individual results was priceless. These results have clearly motivated them to want to continue to improve.”

Robert Dullard, Head of Technology and Learning, Penola Catholic College

Reading practice that works.

Educators are the key to student success, but they can’t do everything alone. Innovative products like Accelerated Reader, backed by 30 years of Renaissance history, give teachers the tools they need to focus on what matters and inspire a classroom of readers. Don’t take our word for it, we are proud to share some of the praise we have received.

Help students develop a true love for reading

Join the thousands of other educators seeing a difference in their schools with Accelerated Reader.