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A personalised digital library at every student’s fingertips

Ensure all students can engage in frequent, high-quality reading practice with unlimited, 24/7 access to thousands of enhanced digital books and age-appropriate news articles. Perfect for in-person, remote, or blended learning environments.


Magic Inside. Metrics Included.®

When a student finds that “just-right” read, magic happens and a love of reading is born. Give students more opportunities to discover their next great read with a vast collection of fiction, nonfiction, and news. Rich metrics provide teachers the insights to transform that magic into amazing growth.


Thousands of popular, authentic digital books from award-winning publishers, plus timely and relevant news articles, give students abundant choice.


Personalised reading recommendations, rich multimedia including audio, and built-in close-reading tools foster deep reading engagement.


Literacy tools and projects centred around reading and writing skills help teachers enrich curriculum and integrate literacy into the content areas.


Real-time data around students’ reading activities help you boost motivation, strengthen differentiated instruction, and celebrate achievements!

Unparalleled Content

myON includes enhanced digital texts from respected publishers in a mix of fiction and nonfiction. Optional reading supports and a suite of reading and writing tools foster deep connections to the text.


 Why students and educators love myON

Engage and motivate

Research shows two key factors can help boost student reading: motivation and access to books. With myON, your students get both! Students can choose from personalized reading recommendations, dynamically matched based on their grade, interests, and reading level, or can browse the vast library of highly engaging books and articles.

Scaffolds to strengthen literacy skills

With myON, students do so much more than “just” read. They can interact with each text thanks to a rich array of supports—professionally recorded audio, close-reading and writing tools, a built-in dictionary, and more—that help develop their literacy skills.

Bring reading to every subject area

With both literary nonfiction and informational texts, myON helps educators incorporate reading across all content areas. Teachers can search by state standard (language arts, social studies, science, and more!) to find aligned books, then create projects that enrich core curriculum.

Monitor engagement and measure growth

Reports provide essential information about each student’s progress as well as popular titles, total minutes spent reading, reading inside and outside of school, and more. Teachers can view reading habits at the individual or class level to help inform instruction, while school and district leaders can monitor overall reading trends.

Your students, your choices

Want students to read some of the classics? Looking for more STEM books? Perhaps students are asking for more Disney titles? Add new collections to your school or district’s myON subscription anytime to give your students even more reading choices.

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Real-time, Actionable Data

myON seamlessly measures engagement while students are reading, and embedded assessments and optional end-of-book quizzes provide additional data on student growth.

Classroom teachers can use rich information about individual learners, groups and classes to better inform their teaching, support differentiated instruction and build collaboration, while administrators have insight into “big picture” and detailed data regarding student, class, school and district program usage and progress.

Build Reading and Writing Skills

With myON learners can use built-in literacy tools to interact with the text in ways that would not be possible with shared physical texts or e-book subscriptions. These reading and writing tools, along with personalised assignments created by using myON Projects, can be incorporated into a complete literacy curriculum.

Literacy Tools

A robust set of interactive literacy tools supports the development of close/active reading and writing skills in learners.

Personalised Assignments

myON Projects offer teachers the ability to create specific personalised assignments such as writing activities using graphic organisers, completing Lexile® assessments, and more.

Recognised by educators and industry leaders worldwide

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