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Reach every student at their own level with skills-based
practice in maths and ELA — both inside and outside the classroom.


Student-centred. Teacher-driven.

Easily identify each student’s individual level and deliver “just-right” practice aligned to maths and ELA standards. As students practice independently, Freckle continuously adapts and provides content that fits the variety of ways they learn best. When students have access to practice designed just for them, there’s no limit to what they’ll discover.



Continuously adapts  for personalised maths or ELA practice, while offering teachers the ability to focus on year objectives.



Deliver real-world scenarios, skills practice, and peer-to-peer support with student-friendly incentives and age-appropriate designs to provide a balance of fun and learning.



Gain real-time insight into student performance and progress with actionable practice data that recommends the next best skills to practice.



Increase student progress and proficiency in maths or ELA through objectives-based skill development, personalised target setting, and individualised practice sessions.

Reach all students at their level

When students have access to practice designed just for them,
there’s no limit to what they’ll discover – and what they can achieve.


Skills based maths practice your students will ask for

Freckle is flexible, captivating every learner with differentiated practice, and is designed to be both teacher-led and student-paced. You can assign specific maths exercises based on grade-level standards, and for students who need practice outside of their grade level, Freckle can provide self-paced practice that continuously adapts as they progress. Real-world lessons encourage students to work in groups to solve fun, practical challenges with the skills they’ve learned.

  • K–12 coverage of standards and skills
  • Over 60,000 unique maths questions available
  • As students work, supports such as audio and hints guide them through their practice and help them solve problems without giving up
  • Additional maths fact practice and inquiry-based resources help drive deeper understanding



Differentiated reading and ELA skills practice

Students can practice specific nonfiction, fiction, and grammar standards at their level.

  • K–12 coverage of standards and skills
  • Over 1,000 nonfiction and fiction passages available
  • Optional read aloud audio to help support each student
  • Additional modes to build phonics and sight words fluency

Students who are learning to read will grow from word pattern recognition activities and Freckle’s library of decodables and sight words.

Students who are reading to learn will read short passages, and longer fiction and nonfiction texts. Assign one of our 500+ nonfiction articles and each of your students will automatically receive it at their reading level. Your students will answer reading comprehension questions and can even respond to writing prompts.

With student- and class-level insights, teachers can celebrate growth and know exactly what students are ready to learn next.

Measure the impact of maths practice as confidence and knowledge grow

In the 2019–2020 school year, students in the U.S. who used Freckle 15–30 minutes per day experienced measurable growth toward maths fluency. Data indicates that over 100 days of Freckle usage helped pupils avoid learning loss associated with COVID school closures.


Just-right practice to inspire every learner

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Computer-adaptive placement

Freckle identifies each student’s individual level in maths or ELA through a brief adaptive assessment. With the Star integration, one assessment informs all domain placements across Freckle—no pre-test needed.

Standards-aligned practice

Once you know where students are, you can ensure they get the right practice. Students can self-pace, or teachers can assign particular skills or standards to individuals or the whole class.

Student engagement

When students do the work, they learn. Students love doing the work in Freckle—whether it’s self-paced or teacher-assigned. When they reach milestone moments, their achievement is acknowledged, unlocking new, age-appropriate rewards.

Measure growth

Educators can view real-time student data, identify skill gaps, determine where to focus instruction, and celebrate student growth.


Differentiate your teaching with standards-aligned practice


Incentives and age-appropriate designs provide a balance of fun and learning. Rewards for achievement recognise student growth in ways they think are fun.  Students will ask to practice in Freckle!


We believe that teachers know best. That’s why Freckle is designed to be both student-paced and teacher-led.

If you have students who need practice outside of your grade level, Freckle can provide that self-paced practice that continuously adapts to meet them where they are.

You can also use Freckle to assign select students or the whole class the exercises you know they need—and then, track their progress.


Students practice at their “just-right” level. Freckle continuously adapts as students progress and allows you to differentiate both what and how students learn.

Students’ “just-right” levels are determined by a brief adaptive assessment, or, if you have it, Star Assessments.


With the click of a button, you can assign a specific standard to one (or all) of your students.

Freckle offers over 60,000 maths questions covering the skills and standards in K–12.



Educators can view real-time student data, identify skill gaps, determine where to focus instruction, and celebrate student growth.

Administrators can see class- and school-level insights on usage and student growth to support initiatives and goals.

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