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We create assessment and practice solutions that put learning analytics to work for educators, saving hours of prep time while making truly personalised learning possible. Schools nationwide use our solutions to analyse students’ abilities and guide high-quality instruction. We help teachers teach better, students learn better, and school administrators lead better—all to improve academic outcomes.

Reading practice that works

Educators are the key to student success, but they can’t do everything alone. Innovative products like Accelerated Reader give teachers the tools they need to focus on what matters and inspire a classroom of readers.

Guide greater growth in one-third the testing time

Star Asessments, the leading interim and formative assessment, lights the learning path for grade-level domain mastery down to the sub-skill level. You’ll see precisely what students have mastered, the goals they need to reach, and the optimal path to proficiency. In less than 20 minutes you’ll gain valid, reliable insights to make informed decisions, personalise learning, and lead every student to mastery.