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What Kids Are Reading

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What are the most read books at each grade level? Which new and noteworthy title will capture your student’s interests? Get all the asnwers in the 15th anniversary editon of What Kids are Reading, the world’s largest study of k-12 students’ reading habits.


Explore the grade-level lists of the top print and digital titles, see students favourite books over the last fifteen years, and much more.

Discover the latest reading habits and trends

The first Australian ‘What Kids Are Reading’ report brings together insights and opinions from students, teachers, booksellers and award-winning authors, such as Christopher Cheng, on attitudes and preferences towards books and reading.

We were given some insight on many aspects of reading by Christopher Cheng, Award-winning Australian children’s author of picture books, information books, short stories and novels. Previously an infants/primary teacher and Zoo Education officer at Taronga Zoo Sydney for 8 years developing Australia’s first Zoomobile.

“I am a full time Children’s author of picture books, fiction and non-fiction in both traditional and digital media. I didn’t start out being a writer. In fact, all I ever wanted to do was be a primary school teacher. Today all I ever want to do is write. I know my best book is yet to come.”

Christopher Cheng Award-winning Australian author

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Get the Top 20 books for each grade, popular digital reads, cross-curricular book lists, author essays, and original research analyses. Download your copy today!