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Hello, we’re Renaissance.


Accelerating learning for all

At Renaissance, we believe that every student can achieve their best with the support of teachers who guide them to discover themselves. We aim to support teachers in every classroom, and equip them with the tools to guide every student to accomplish ongoing growth as they progress through their school years.

We offer the leading data analytics and research-based practice to K-12 schools across Australia and New Zealand. Teachers take it from there – after all, their relationships and support are the key factor that drives student growth.

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Empower every teacher to overcome unique challenges.

The landscape of education is ever-changing, and we know that teachers are the ones that are at the heart of every school, ensuring every student is supported to achieve their very best. We believe that combining teacher-driven data insight with technology developed alongside expert research is the ultimate support system.

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Reliable student data available immediately after testing (Did we mention you can test an entire class in 20 minutes?)

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Improve your student’s engagement with practice based on expert research, in addition built-in content results in improved reading experiences

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Focus on individual mastery of key age-related skills and measure student growth with adjustable goals and progress tracking for each student

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Wisconsin, 1986 –
A teacher’s passion

More than 30 years ago, Renaissance was created by Judi and Terry Paul, two parents driven by a passion to enhance the learning skills of their son, a struggling reader. Our founders set out to enable dynamic practice through a new digital platform, to multiply the aha moments orchestrated by teachers. They understood that for students to become their most amazing selves, teachers must be given that opportunity as well. Our mission to accelerate learning for all is stronger than it has ever been thanks to the dedication of a parent and teacher.


Why do we love what we do? We get to see your students succeed.

Hearing success stories from students, teachers and schools are the key motivator driving us to continuously innovate our programmes. The ongoing success of students ultimately inspire us to deliver the best possible solutions.

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Teamwork is a core pillar in achieving our mission.