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What are assessments?

Assessments are a key tool in evaluating individual ability and identifying the skills that each student has mastered and their key gaps in understanding. They pinpoint areas of understanding today so teachers can see which students are meeting age related expectations, allowing ongoing progress monitoring toward goals and insight to guide planning for instruction.

Assessment is constantly evolving, and is becoming increasingly important for schools.
Expectations on grading have progressed beyond basic overviews that don’t divulge details around key skills and abilities of each student.

Hello, validity and reliability

A reliable test gives consistent results. The true test of an assessment (see what we did there?) is whether or not it is valid, meaning it measures what you intend to measure. It does not matter if the test is reliable if it is not valid.

What are my options?

Icon showing formative data

Formative for daily use

Formative assessments provide you with daily insight into how students understand the concepts you are teaching. Think of a quiz, but with meaningful data reported after.
Norm referenced interim icon

Interim for deep insight

Interim assessments provide deep insight for use in progress monitoring, screening, and determining when a student needs intervention. They are typically given three times per school year, but can be administered up to weekly within an intervention plan.

Assessments help you

  • Deliver reading practice at the right level of challenge and success
  • Create a rich environment where each child feels engaged, curious, and eager to learn more
  • Foster understanding of what each child’s strengths and weaknesses are so you can communicate those with parents
  • Screen for your benchmarks and monitor student progress toward goals

By personalising instruction at scale

An ideal solution simplifies the process of gathering meaningful student data by providing:

  • Quick tests designed to keep students engaged with questions at just the right level of challenge
  • Deep data analysis at multiple levels from easy-to-read dashboards
  • Learning progressions that tell you exactly what students know and what to teach next and identify focus skills, the most critical skills students need to learn.

Plus, it’s all research-proven!

Let’s talk about how easy it is to get the meaningful data you need without spending hours assessing and analysing.