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September 18, 2018

Learning with a destination in mind: The art and science of personalised goal setting

By: Eric Stickney, Director of Educational Research, Renaissance USA A version of the famous quote from Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu states, “A journey of a thousand miles […]
September 18, 2018

Building reading comprehension through questions, inquiry, and sketchnotes

By: By Billy Spicer, Instructional Coach, Renaissance USA To comprehend or not to comprehend—that is the question. To comprehend illustrates a strong connection between reader and text, a […]
September 17, 2018

What does Student Growth Percentile do?

What is Student Growth Percentile? Achievement indicates whether performance is below, above, or on par with grade-level expectations. Growth explains the kind of progress the student is making […]
September 17, 2018

Tips for helping students find reliable news and online sources

By: Team Renaissance USA In a world of constant notifications, tweets, and status updates, we have access to more content than ever before. With a 24/7 […]
August 30, 2018

What is Lexile® Framework?

The Lexile® Framework for Reading is a scientific approach to measuring reading ability and the text complexity of reading materials. The Lexile scale is like a thermometre, […]
August 20, 2018

How to: Accelerate Progress with Guided Reading

By: Margaret Allen, Strategic Education Manager, Renaissance UK More haste, less speed. It’s a well-known fact of life. But what about when you’re faced with a […]
August 20, 2018

Learning to sail: Engaging reluctant readers

By: Jan Bryan, EdD, Vice President, National Education Officer, Renaissance USA What was the last thing you read? Did you read for pleasure, to gain information, […]
August 20, 2018

From text to technology…

By: Margaret Allen, Strategic Education Manager, Renaissance UK When it comes to reading, my personal preference still remains to pick up a book and experience the […]
August 12, 2018

What is the Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD)?

By: Renaissance US team The Zone of Proximal Development, or ZPD, was a concept introduced by Lev Vygotsky in the late 1920s. Vygotsky, a Russian psychologist, […]