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What Kids Are Reading

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What Kids Are Reading is our annual study of K–12 student reading habits. With new cross-curricular book lists, popular digital reads, eye-opening new research analyses, and much more, the brand-new 2018 edition is a must-read.

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The first Australian ‘What Kids Are Reading’ report brings together insights and opinions from students, teachers, booksellers and award-winning authors, such as Christopher Cheng, on attitudes and preferences towards books and reading.

We were given some insight on many aspects of reading by Christopher Cheng, Award-winning Australian children’s author of picture books, information books, short stories and novels. Previously an infants/primary teacher and Zoo Education officer at Taronga Zoo Sydney for 8 years developing Australia’s first Zoomobile.

“I am a full time Children’s author of picture books, fiction and non-fiction in both traditional and digital media. I didn’t start out being a writer. In fact, all I ever wanted to do was be a primary school teacher. Today all I ever want to do is write. I know my best book is yet to come.”

Christopher Cheng Award-winning Australian author

“What children want to read is what they engage in… so good writing is the key. The books children read need to be intrinsically rewarding, they create a need, while satisfying a need. Children of all ages need to be able to connect in some way to the books – or they just won’t read them.”

Annie Sharkey from The Turning Page Bookshop

Survey results: Access to books vs. books read



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