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Unlock a world of reading


Want to offer 5500 new enhanced digital books to your students? It all starts here.
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  • 70% non-fiction books – great for Science, History and Geography
  • Professional recorded audio to assist reading development
  • Develop engaging interactive projects and much much more…

A personalised literacy platform for every student.

Increasing students’ access to reading materials can increase reading engagement and reading growth. With myON, students get access to over 6,000 digital books—and so much more. From robust scaffolds that help students build reading skills to customisable projects and reports to help teachers nurture and monitor their progress. myON is tailored to supporting modern teaching and content delivery to students. Helping supercharge reading growth for every learner.

What does myON provide?

Looking to really change how you deliver content to your students? myON is more than just a library, with projects, literacy support tools, quizzing and reporting, teachers gain insight into student development and progress and get to see what and how they are reading.

Access 6,700 enhanced digital books
Online and offline reading
Narrated audio
Reading recommendations based on ability
Benchmarking tests, data insights and reporting
Student writing activities and journal
Literacy support tools