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Student Growth, Simplified!

Schools across Australia, New Zealand and the world are using Renaissance solutions to support teachers and students to accelerate literacy and numeracy achievement in their classrooms.


Supporting every teacher, supporting every student.

In 2021 ensure every student can access the tools and resources required for them to achieve! With Renaissance’s award-winning literacy and numeracy solutions support your students to grow in leaps and bounds. Whether your students are in the classroom or at home, knowing what they are ready to learn and having the resources to provide the right instruction and practice allows teachers to engage every student with their learning, accelerating their success.

Easily identify student ability,
easily engage them with relevant activities

With all the responsibilities teachers are given, spend less time assessing and preparing resources but still ensure all of your students are fully supported. Access to the right information in real time to inform teacher judgement and help with lesson planning. Get formative and summative assessments that can be simply administered in just minutes, no hassle, no marking with valid and reliable insights to support greater levels of achievement.


Increase student engagement through personalised learning experiences

Unlimited access literacy and numeracy practice tailored to the ability of every student in every classroom! Give all of your students the opportunity to achieve and grow with targeted practice solutions. Watch as they become self-directed learners with more agency as they strengthen their success through personalised challenges to support their development.

Don’t just take our word for it…

It is great to be passionate about teaching, but to be passionate about a product which provides so many benefits to our children and teachers doesn’t happen too often, so it is exciting to be on board with Renaissance.

Susan Oldfield (Director of Teaching and Learning) – John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School

Make student growth easier today!

Seriously, there is so much being asked of modern teachers. Let us help with some of your workload, allowing you to spend more time engaging with students and less time doing after hours admin and prep.