About Us - Renaissance Australia

Hello, we’re Renaissance.


Spark curiosity with individualised practice and assessment

 Renaissance solutions provide a complete literacy growth solution that empowers educators to motivate students, measure literacy skills, and monitor progress. Goals are personalized for every student allowing teachers to have the greatest impact on growth and achievement.


With one of the largest K-12 databases comprised of student reading information, Accelerated Reader provides key insights on what students respond to and what they don’t, allowing teachers to focus on the activity that accelerates growth.


One K–12 comprehensive assessment provides all the insights needed to guide literacy growth for emergent readers, struggling readers, and high achievers, whether you are testing in-person, remotely, or a combination of both.


When a student finds that “just-right” read, magic happens and a love of reading is born. Give students more opportunities to discover their next great read with a vast collection of fiction, nonfiction, and news.


Accelerating learning for all

At Renaissance, we believe that every student can achieve their best with the support of teachers who guide them to discover themselves. We aim to support teachers in every classroom, and equip them with the tools to guide every student to accomplish ongoing growth as they progress through their school years.

We offer the leading data analytics and research-based practice to K-12 schools across Australia and New Zealand. Teachers take it from there – after all, their relationships and support are the key factor that drives student growth.

GL Education and Renaissance

GL Education, a leading provider of assessments for schools, is now part of Renaissance. Together, we are combining our expertise to ensure all your assessment, teaching, practice and data needs are met.

GL’s assessments and Renaissance’s Star Assessments offer the ideal starting point to help schools and school groups understand their students’ strengths, pinpoint areas of need and put targeted measures in place. Renaissance’s teaching and learning programmes then provide teachers with effective next steps, helping students build the skills they need for success. Together, our assessments, tools and analytics are used by schools and school groups to drive better student outcomes.


Why do we love what we do? We get to see your students succeed.

Hearing success stories from students, teachers and schools are the key motivator driving us to continuously innovate our programmes. The ongoing success of students ultimately inspire us to deliver the best possible solutions.