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Make your library a place
where everyone wants to be.

School libraries are the beating hearts of so many schools. They are places where students can unearth newfound interests, learn more about something they have been just itching to explore further, or simply unwind with a good book.

36,000+ quizzes matched to your books

We are always growing the number of quizzes available to customers on an ever-expanding variety of titles. These 36,000+ books quizzed for Renaissance Accelerated Reader cover both fiction and non-fiction titles in each of our four interest levels (Lower Years, Middle Years, Middle Years+ and Upper Years). The books can come from big-name publishers and their imprints or the mighty independent publishers.

By adding Accelerated Reader to your school, you greatly enhance teacher’s ability to gauge comprehension and guide students towards real improvement.

Help build a reading culture

Children want to share the books they are reading with others. Because of Accelerated Reader, they’ll know the books at the right level for them then have a free choice of what they read, so they enjoy the books they are reading.

Students begin discussing books and are more and more interested in reading which is something that really empowers the library.

The students see the library as a welcoming place, and they enjoy working toward their Accelerated Reader goals with every book they finish.

The right books at the right time

One of the best things about reading is going to the library or bookstore, physically picking up a book, reading the first page, and deciding if you want to read it. Accelerated Reader gives your books a reading level to help guide students towards books at their level. Allowing students to self-select their own books gives them a sense of control over their education.

Some of our schools even have a ‘wish box’ which students can use to request books that also have Accelerated Reader quizzes available.

With Accelerated Reader, students begin to taking ownership of their reading and enjoying the experience.

We have made a new section in the library called ‘AR’ where we went through our collection and took the books that we already had in our own library.

Patricia Fairman, School Administration Officer Ardlethan Central School, NSW

More ways to use the library.

Accelerated Reader can bring a new lease of life to your fiction stock. Our schools see a colossal amount of books being issued each day – sometimes tripling loans. Books which had sat unloved on the shelves begin to be read, and most importantly are being enjoyed.

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