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Special Report: myON’s impact on student achievement

In February, we released an analysis that explores how myON use is related to growth in general reading ability. Looking at data from over 440,000 myON users shows that students who read on myON experience higher levels of annual growth in general reading ability compared to students who were not using myON. We’ve highlighted a few key findings below and invite you to review the full report here.

Overall, the report’s results show how students using myON experienced higher growth rates compared to non-users. The results were even greater for struggling readers and English language learners.

All students using myON grew more than non-users, including struggling readers and ELL students.

myON is a great way to engage all students in reading anytime, anywhere. It’s a multimedia reading experience with colourful illustrations, professionally recorded audio, student-recorded read-alouds, and annotation tools that make each book engaging and unique. And it’s more than just independent reading—built-in close reading tools, customisable literacy projects, and a large collection of nonfiction titles support lesson plans centered on reading and writing skills.

The new study also indicates consistent use of myON is important for reading growth. Students who read on myON at or above the recommended weekly usage time (50 minutes per week) experienced the most growth. Students using myON for as little as 15 minutes per week experienced higher growth than non-users.

Students using myON consistently, including struggling readers and ELL students, grew more than students with inconsistent use and non-users.

myON empowers students to monitor their reading progress. Both students and teachers can track minutes spent reading to ensure students are achieving their personal reading goals as well as meeting recommended reading practice time.

In summary, students showed positive patterns of reading growth when using myON—and the more consistent the use, the better the results. Reading with comprehension was also key, with students additionally benefiting from nonfiction texts and listening to books. For more information on all the findings of the report, you can access the full analysis here.