Accelerate Numeracy Growth - Renaissance Australia

Differentiated Numeracy Growth Made Easy!

Inspire your students to achieve more with insights into their current ability, key skills for growth, along with instruction and practice tools to guide lasting growth. Spend less time on prep work and admin and more time working with your students one on one.

  • Instant access to simple and easy to action student insights.
  • Extensive student practice supporting over 15 key domains, tailored to their ability level.
  • Support both your high achievers and your students requiring intervention using the same solution.

    Discover how schools are engaging and inspiring students to learn using Renaissance solutions.

    At any ability level, students need teacher guidance and support to succeed. Many leading schools across Australia and New Zealand are partnering with Renaissance to give teachers the data to inform targeted and achievable goals, building student confidence in literacy and numeracy. Saving teachers time has allowed them to focus on engaging students, making learning exciting and fun.

    Renaissance has been a very valued programme at our school for about 10 years now but it is a shining light right now. I can track our students’ progress perfectly from home, email them to congratulate them…

    Janice Chilcott – St Eugene College QLD