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April 23, 2020
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Let’s Talk About COVID: Resources to help talk about COVID with your children

By: Kaitlyn Sturges

During these challenging times, it can be difficult to know and understand what information children might need to process the world around them. Nothing can replace age-appropriate, ongoing conversations as well as being willing to answer questions in a calm and understanding manner. However, if your child has trouble processing information verbally or if you simply would like to provide your child information in another format, why not offer up some books! This is also a great opportunity to get in some dedicated reading time which we know has a range of flow-on benefits and advantages, as talked about in a previous blog post.  Below, we have compiled a list of books covering past-pandemics, historic medical responses and scientific facts that will keep your children and students engaged, informed and most importantly, positive about the future! For readers of all ages, we’ve suggested some science-based books, as well as some texts about the importance of destressing and looking after yourself during difficult times!

Feature Book: Coronavirus: A Book for Children by Elizabeth Jenner, Kate Wilson and Nia Roberts

Illustrated by The Gruffalo Illustrator Axel Scheffler, this book is one of the very few around which has been purposely written to explain to children the science of COVID19 and the consequences for daily life. While aimed at younger children, this is certainly an entertaining, medically backed resource that can be shared and read by people of any age! One of the strengths of this, easily downloadable (and AR Quizzed) book is that it recognises and validates the frustrations that many of us, including children are feeling about being cooped up in our homes.

Coronavirus: A Book for Children can be downloaded for free here. You can find the Accelerated Reader quiz details here

  1. Staying Happy
    By Murphy, Patricia J | ATOS Book Level: 2.5
    This book describes what stress feels like, presents situations that might cause children stress, explains how to relieve stress and lists five good ways to express one’s feelings.
  1. Iddy Bogey the Ogre Yogi
    By Willis, Jeanne | ATOS Book Level: 3.9
    Iddy Bogey is a teacher to stressed and anxious monsters such as the Yeti who thinks no one likes him. But Iddy’s latest pupil is even more stressed than most. He’s a Genie, who has lost his ability to grant wishes.
  1. Fighting Sickness
    By Midthun, Joseph | ATOS Book Level 5.6
    In graphic-novel format, this nonfiction book introduces the human body’s immune response to infectious disease.

  2. Colds, Flu and Other Infections
    By Royston, Angela | ATOS Book Level: 4.6
    Colds, flu and other infection facts.

    For middle years readers, Aged 9-13:
  1. Anatomy of a Pandemic
    By Keyser, Amber J.| ATOS Book Level: 6.4
    This book describes pandemics, including the microbes that cause disease, what causes diseases to spread, and how scientists are working to stop pandemics.
  2. Germ Wars
    By Arbuthnott, Gill | ATOS Book Level: 5.9
    A guide to the major diseases in the world, their history and how scientists have developed ways to combat germs.
  3. Nasty Bugs and Ghastly Medicine (Freestyle)
    By Townsend, John | ATOS Book Level: 6.2
    This book looks at diseases and their treatments from ancient times through the twentieth century, with a particular emphasis on children.

  4. Body Warriors: The Immune System
    By Trumbauer, Lisa | ATOS Book Level: 3.7
    This book presents information about the immune system, discussing bacteria and viruses, how the body fights infection, and tips to stay healthy.

  5. Grim, Gross and Grisly: Disgusting facts about people
    By Rooney, Anne | ATOS Book Level: 5.5
    Freaky facts about the millions of germs and bugs that inhabit our bodies and the disgusting diseases they are responsible for.

  6. The World Health Organization
    By Connolly, Sean | ATOS Book Level: 8.9
    This book describes the historical and current efforts of the World Health Organization to ensure that everyone has access to health care and the efforts of the organization to contain communicable diseases.

    And finally, for our older readers aged 14+:
  7. Fighting Infectious Diseases
    By Ballard, Carol | ATOS Book Level: 9.5

    This book traces the history of disease-fighting medications, examines discoveries and developments in the treatment of infectious diseases, discusses the immune system and how it works and considers possible future advances in the field.

  8. Fighting Infectious Disease
    By Morgan, Sally | ATOS Book Level: 9.0

    This book explains what causes diseases, how diseases are spread and how diseases are treated.

All books listed have accompanying quizzes in the Accelerated Reader program, and there are even more titles to discover in myON, get your free access here!

Stay Safe, Stay Well and Happy Reading!