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September 29, 2021
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September 29, 2021

5 Reasons we Love myON

By: Anita McMahon


How can I get my students to enjoy and engage during reading time? A question we hear over and over again here at Renaissance Australia. The answer is simple, try myon!

myON is a digital reading platform with over 6,500 titles (and counting!) where students can interact with the text while reading. Here are a few reasons we love using myON:


  1. Amazing Content – There are thousands of texts available in myON suitable for students of all reading abilities from a range of publishers such as Allen & Unwin and Reynolds Publishing. Most of the books are also non-fiction. This is a fantastic way to encourage students to read more broadly and expand their metalanguage. Plus – with the range of Science, Mathematics, History and Geography books available, myON can be used as a teaching resource across multiple subjects!
  2. Unlimited Access – Every student can use myON at the same time! Collaborative reading is made easy as students can access the same title and read together. Want to use ‘Lessons in Science Safety with Max Axiom, Super Scientist’ [1] as a textbook? Or Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ [2] for a novel study? No problem! Each student will have access to their own copy through myON.
  3. Offline Access – Now what happens if there is no internet access? No fear, myON is here! The books in myON can also be accessed through the myON app. Students can download books onto the app and access them when they want to read offline. The myON app can be downloaded through the App Store or Google Play or even as a Chrome Extension on laptops!
  4. Personalisation – myON helps students find books that best suit them! myON will generate book recommendations based on students’ interests, previous books searches, reading level (ZPD) and year group. Students can also refine their search by using specific filters in the myON library to find their ideal book.
  5. Reading Scaffolds – The reading scaffolds in myON allow easy access to students of all reading levels. Many titles in myOn have a narrated audio feature which can be enabled. Students can listen and watch while the highlighting feature follows the words as they are read out loud. This is a helpful way for students of all ages to engage in guided reading on their own.

So why not try it for yourself? For the whole month of November 2021, we are offering schools free access to myON. The best part? The school who reads the most will win a free myON subscription for 1 year. Register your interests here: https://www.renaissance.com.au/month-of-myon/



myON Book References: 

[1] Lessons in Science Safety with Max Axiom, Super Scientist

      Adamson, Thomas K. | ATOS Book Level: 4.2

[2] Frankenstein

      Shelley, Mary. | ATOS Book Level: 12.4