An entire class's success story at Penola Catholic College - Renaissance Australia
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November 28, 2017
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July 26, 2021

An entire class’s success story at Penola Catholic College

Here is some great data that I am proud of. The Renaissance reading program is an independent measure that measures the growth of a student’s reading age based on comprehension. In the two months that I have been running the program with my students, and by continually reinforcing the importance of reading and regularly checking that they are reading, my students have achieved some astounding results!

“These results clearly indicate 19 of the 23 students grew by the expected growth level or better. 3 students achieved 1 Year growth or better and 5 achieved above 2 full years growth.”

Robert Dullard, Head of Teaching and Learning

Interestingly enough, the only students who had not shown improvement were the ones who had either not read or had only read spasmodically. Quite disappointed by their results, these 4 have all decided to read consistently from this point. Clearly, reading consistently, can and does ensure growth. In this case, quite extensive growth in just two months. The excitement on the students’ faces when seeing their individual results was priceless. These results have clearly motivated them to want to continue to improve.

Robert Dullard, Head of Teaching and Learning, Glenroy Campus
Penola Catholic College

Penola Catholic College