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Students are empowered to own their learning with essential guidance from their teacher and self-monitoring of progress towards goals.

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    Create a reading culture

    When your students are engaged in good books their imagination blossoms and they can form meaningful connections with each other, bond through knowing characters and having shared experiences. Now more than ever installing a love of reading at a young age is important for lifelong learning.

    Accelerated Reader adds a way to track comprehension and provide guidance to the books already in your library.

    Practice Makes Perfect

    Accelerated Reader Quizzes and Practice Activities quickly assess student progress towards their individualised reading comprehension and close reading skill mastery goals. The friendly, inviting format makes these assessments easily accessible on computers, laptops, and tablets 7 inches or larger.

    With over 35,000 available quizzes and activities, Accelerated Reader inspires the best reading practice available, helping every student to become a flourishing reader and ready to succeed in university and their career.

    “Our teachers take the reports from Accelerated Reader into the parent meetings, as it is a great way to explain and show individual student progress.”

    Patricia Fairman, School Administration Officer Ardlethan Central School NSW

    Reports that really help.

    Educators are the key to student success, but they can’t do everything alone. Innovative products like Accelerated Reader, backed by 30 years of Renaissance history, give teachers the tools they need to focus on what matters and inspire a classroom of readers. Don’t take our word for it, we are proud to share some of the praise we have received.