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A personalised digital library at every student’s fingertips

myON Reader is a student-centred, personalised literacy platform that offers unlimited access to thousands of enhanced digital books at school or at home.

How myON Reader works

myON Reader provides unlimited access to a broad collection of authentic digital texts that are available for online and offline reading, and dynamically generates a list of just-right titles for each student that matches his or her current interests, grade, and Lexile® level. Students can choose titles from their recommended list or from the full myON library available under their school or peak body subscription.


Students take Lexile® assessments and are matched with books at the right level and aligned to their interests.


Students have the power of choice in selecting books to read, and use engaging tools that enhance the digital reading experience.


Student reading engagement and growth are measured in real time.


Students, educators, and families use reading activity and growth data to celebrate success, build motivation, and support differentiated instruction.

Unparalleled Content

myON Reader includes enhanced digital texts from respected publishers in a mix of fiction and nonfiction. Optional reading supports and a suite of reading and writing tools foster deep connections to the text.

Build Reading and Writing Skills

With myON Reader learners can use built-in literacy tools to interact with the text in ways that would not be possible with shared physical texts or e-book subscriptions. These reading and writing tools, along with personalised assignments created by using myON Projects, can be incorporated into a complete literacy curriculum.

Literacy Tools

A robust set of interactive literacy tools supports the development of close/active reading and writing skills in learners.

Personalised Assignments

myON Projects offer teachers the ability to create specific personalised assignments such as writing activities using graphic organisers, completing Lexile® assessments, and more.

Real-time, Actionable Data

myON Reader seamlessly measures engagement while students are reading, and embedded Lexile® assessments and optional end-of-book quizzes provide additional data on student growth.

Classroom teachers can use rich information about individual learners, groups and classes to better inform their teaching, support differentiated instruction and build collaboration, while administrators have insight into “big picture” and detailed data regarding student, class, school and district program usage and progress.

Progress Monitoring

Embedded Lexile® assessments and optional end-of-book quizzes enable seamless measurement of student engagement and growth.


Actionable data that informs instruction and supports program accountability requirements is available through a series of 12 reports that capture student engagement and growth.

Connect students to daily articles with myON News

myON News delivers age-appropriate news articles for students, reporting on timely topics and current events through a series of five daily news articles, 52 weeks a year. Articles are available in English, Spanish and French. Coverage includes high-interest world news as well as entertainment, sports, science, technology, and more.

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