Renaissance Australia - Personalised Learning Presentation by Dr Gene Kerns

Personalised Learning: we CAN get there from here

A practical presentation about ways technology and researched-based ideas can assist teachers in giving their students a more personalised learning experience.

As an expert in assessment, cognitive research, educational leadership, integrated curriculum, learning progressions, personalised learning, Response to Intervention, and the science of expertise, Dr. Kerns is a highly sought-after presenter. He has spoken at many national and international conferences, including SXSW EDU, the Google Global Education Symposium, the Westminster Education Forum, and the Arizona State University Global Silicon Valley (ASU/GSV) Summit on Innovation.

In this presentation Gene will cover:

  • Supporting teachers in active planning
  • Supporting teachers with assessment information
  • How to measure progress and growth


Empower every teacher to overcome unique challenges.

The landscape of education is ever-changing, and we know that teachers are the ones that are at the heart of every school, ensuring every student is supported to achieve their very best. We believe that combining teacher-driven data insight with technology developed alongside expert research is the ultimate support system.

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Reliable student data available immediately after testing (Did we mention you can test an entire class in 20 minutes?)

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Improve your student’s engagement with practice based on expert research, in addition built-in content results in improved reading experiences

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Focus on individual mastery of key age-related skills and measure student growth with adjustable goals and progress tracking for each student

Experience real growth

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