What comes after guided reading? Accelerated Reader

  What comes after guided reading?
Accelerated Reader.  

Guide, Engage, Practice, Grow

Step 1. Choose interesting books

Children make the most progress when they read books that interest them. That’s why every book with an Accelerated Reader quiz is tagged with topics and listed on our public search engine AR BookFinder

The advanced book discovery feature within Accelerated Reader introduces children to books they might be interested in – and even identifies the ones available in the school library.

Step 2. Reading, vocabulary and literacy quizzes

Reading Practice quizzes ask questions that measure a student’s comprehension of a book – there are 3, 5, 10 or 20 questions in a Reading Practice quiz depending on the length and complexity of the book.

Vocabulary Practice Quizzes measure a child’s command of vocabulary words encountered while reading – these quizzes are designed to reinforce vocabulary acquisition, assist with individualising vocabulary instruction, and generate children’s interest in words through authentic, in-context literature experiences.

Literacy Skills Quizzes are designed to give teachers information on specific reading skills – questions are randomly generated from a 36- or 60-item bank, resulting in 12 or 24 quiz questions. Quiz questions are based on 24 specific, higher-order reading comprehension skills.

Step 3. Instant feedback for children, teachers and parents

Every time a child reads a book and takes a quiz with Accelerated Reader, they get immediate feedback on their results.

For teachers, the interactive Reading Dashboard allows educators to see how children are performing, plus a comprehensive set of reports show children’s progress towards targets, growth over time, and their level of engagement.

While for parents the Renaissance Home Connect website works alongside Accelerated Reader to allow parents to see their children’s progress toward reading targets.

  Student-driven. Teacher-guided.  

Accelerated Reader helps you set the right goals, match kids with the right reading materials, and gain deeper insight into progress quickly and efficiently – giving you more time back to differentiate and personalise each child’s learning experience for a profound and proven impact on growth.

Students are empowered to own their learning with essential guidance
from their teacher and self-monitoring of progress towards goals.

  Inspiration from schools like yours.  

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