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The Illawarra Grammar School

Karen Bowmaker- Junior School Teacher

Students choose Accelerated Reader books during their weekly Library visit. I set targets for each term. Parents are notified of their child’s results for each term and the Renaissance results are combined with MAP testing and other standardised tests to inform the school report. I love this program!

Marian Catholic College

Jenny Sartor- College Library Support Staff

We have been using the program for a good ten years now. This year we have delegated a teacher and created a class called AR on the timetable. The classes are held in the library. This has made a big difference. Students now know that AR is a class in which they have a goal and a purpose to their reading. The new feature on the Oliver library search, which I taught the class to use, has made an impact as the students are now searching for books in their interest level, AR level, and can see if it is available in the school library, and can then locate it on the shelves. This has driven up loans!!

All Saints Parish School

Amelia Mahon – Teacher and Literacy Coordinator

Amelia discusses her experience with and results from using Star Reading, Accelerated Reader and myON.

  • Needed a tool to monitor reading engagement
  • Assessing comprehension and literacy skills
  • Improved at-home reading
  • Creating personalised learning goals

Wooloowin State School

Assunta Austin – Teacher Librarian

Accelerated Reader (AR) forms the basis of our independent reading in our Year 3 to 6 classrooms. During Independent Reading time each day, students are reading their AR books, completing quizzes on their classroom computers or in the library lab, or visiting the library to choose their next book. AR certificates are distributed at assembly twice a term, giving the school the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the independent reading being undertaken by these students. At the same assemblies, new AR Millionaires are also acknowledged and celebrated with their ‘Stars’ being placed on display in the library for the whole school community to see.

Mulwarre High School

Keagan Mitchella – Instructional Leader Literacy and Numeracy 

We have used Accelerated Reader to ensure students are engaging deeply with the books they read and are making positive progress on their learning goals. AR has been extremely beneficial for students to find books that are in their interest, as well as suitable to read. AR has provided us with significant data on students that we normally would not be able to gather in such a time effective and easy to use way.

John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School

Sue Oldfield – Director of Teaching and Learning Primary

Sue shares why they chose Renaissance, how they implemented Accelerated Reader and what their results have been since implementing the program in 2019.

Beverley Hills Primary School

Nikki Archdall – Teacher Librarian

The Accelerated Reader system has been great at our school for teaching students how to select appropriate books. Being very visual people, children often have trouble choosing an appropriate book for them (rather than just a book whose front cover looks interesting but which they cannot actually read). The AR system helps them take out some of the guess work and streamlines their browsing.

It has also brought out some of the students’ competitive nature, they love trying to see who can take the most quizzes or get the best score on a quiz, even those students who may not be naturally drawn to reading for pleasure.

Accelerated Reader has become a great supplement to our literacy program!

James Sheahan Catholic School

Martin Felice – Teacher Librarian

Accelerated Reader has helped students further their reading comprehension. AR has encouraged the more reluctant reader to engage in reading. AR is helping to increase our library collections. AR program is stimulating professional dialogue for ways in which it can improve our students reading, writing, spelling and grammar.

Oakleigh South Primary School

Anthony Rowe – Assistant Principal

Oakleigh South Public School recently ranked in the top 10 Victorian schools by academic result.

A Renaissance user for over 8 years, Anthony shares with us some tips and pedagogies around increasing literacy results and maintaining consistent high performance using Accelerated Reader

Currimundi State School

Maree French – Teacher Aide Library

Providing a reward system based on student’s personal book selections motivates all readers whether they’re good readers who can challenge themselves or weaker readers who are reading more and more thus improving both their vocabulary and comprehension. It is also a great way to foster a love of books and reading and increased time in the school library.

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