Monitor progress and inform reading
practice with data-driven insights


Our Literacy Package includes three components that help you identify student reading levels and maximise growth.

STAR Assessments  Accelerated Reader  AR BookGuide

Bridge assessment and instruction like never before.

Computer-adaptive reliability and efficiency.

STAR assessments are computer adaptive, using sophisticated item calibration and psychometrics to dynamically adjust to each student's unique responses. Fully supported by extensive research, they are easy to administer and yield the valid, reliable, actionable data educators need.

Learning begins with informed insight.

STAR Reading measures 46 skill areas in 11 domains. You can test an entire class in just 20 minutes, and you’ll know immediately which students are meeting performance benchmarks and which students need help catching up.

You can administer the test multiple times during the school year to monitor progress, measure growth, and determine each student’s current reading level. This helps you match students with books at just the right level to facilitate growth.

Reliable assessment of early literacy skills.

STAR Early Literacy is available as an optional add-on for schools with young learners. The assessment measures the development of early literacy skills in seven key domains, including phonics, phonemic awareness, graphophonemic knowledge, and vocabulary.

STAR Early Literacy is the most widely used computer-based diagnostic assessment for determining early literacy and numeracy progress for emerging readers in grades Prep-Year 3. Educators get valid, reliable, actionable data in about 10 minutes, so an entire class can be assessed in one period. STAR Early Literacy assesses these eight key domains of early literacy and numeracy. 145 skills are grouped into 32 closely-related skill areas.

Test items incorporate text, graphics, and audio to assess skills in the most straightforward manner possible. You can test an entire class in about 10 minutes, and you receive immediate feedback to inform instruction.

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Accelerated Math Overview Video

Star Assessments Overview

Reading practice with a growth mindset.

Accelerated Reader drives the practice component of a comprehensive reading program. It promotes personalised practice whilst providing teachers with the data they need to move students toward success.

Trusted by teachers.
Loved by kids.

At its heart, AR is simple. Students read a book, take an AR Quiz, and get immediate feedback. Kids get excited and motivated when they see their progress. And teachers can easily monitor and manage students' independent reading practice.

33,000 Quizzes and Counting.

With more than 33,000 quizzes in the Australian and New Zealand Accelerated Reader Quiz collection, every student can find the right book.

The local collection includes the best Australian and New Zealand material, plus bestselling children's books from around the world.

Quizzes can be taken on computers, laptops, and tablets 7 inches or larger.

AR BookFinder  Suggest a Quiz


Take a Quiz

Reading Practice Quizzes ask questions that measure a student’s comprehension of a book. 

See the latest AR Quizzes.

Use AR BookFinder to see the latest AR Quizzes. Just click the Advanced Search tab and then use the Quiz Released menu to narrow your search.

Accelerated Reader Overview

Accelerated Reader Overview

Easily manage your AR titles, and more.

AR BookGuide is a collection management tool that automates alignment of your books with Accelerated Reader Quizzes. With AR BookGuide, you can quickly access details about every book in the AR Quiz library; identify and sort new titles; develop custom reading lists; see detailed profiles on each book; import ATOS book levels and point values; and print book labels. Educators can also post booklists created in AR BookGuide on AR BookFinder, allowing students and parents to easily access booklists.

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